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Vector27 Financial Group


The term “vector” refers to both quantity and direction.  This is consistent with our process where we assist our clients in determining not only how much money they should set aside for the future, but also the path through which the monies should flow, both now and in the future, to achieve maximum efficiency.

The “27″ refers to the number of modules in the econometric model that we utilize in both analyzing a client’s current financial position and in determining the most efficient financial path to follow for future results.


How well is your financial castle constructed? Is your financial strategy integrated and coordinated to meet your life’s dreams? Whatever your dream, college funding, a secure retirement or the freedom to live life to its fullest, we have the experience to help you address your financial needs and goals.

We utilize a “team approach” to help you address your financial needs and goals. We work closely in a networked group of professionals. Our clients often have their existing professional team, such as an attorney, accountant, banker, insurance agents, and others who advise them from time to time. Whether coordinating with their team or a team of professionals with whom we have worked closely through the years, we seek to create strategies that are designed to help ensure our client’s present and future well-being.